Monday, October 27, 2008

After the fest

Well, yours truly is spending more and more time in front of the computer. Grant applications, phonecalls to Neatherlands, fooling around in Facebook...getting to sofa to watch Dr.Phil (not that I was addicted, but to have a break from my terrible duties) adn off again. It was abig mistake of my dad to buy me the digibox.

And trying, trying hard to get out every now and then to do some sports. And have a few beers once and a while. Maybe a bit less of that nowadays.

So, I got the first contacts (still a secret) of 2 performers that will be present in January. I´ll contact them soon. Also, I helped Kitte out for 2 magnificient acts (=read bands) for our Club evening on festival weekend. I just have my fingers crossed that everything will go well with their scedules.

And then, of Circus Ruska in YouTube, babe, You Tube!
Festival countdown has started...

Friday, October 17, 2008

Here's some sneakpeaks from making a set-up for Nuori Kulttuuri-festival (young culture in english)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Nuori Kulttuuri

Circus Ruska welcomes all young talents to Tampere. All the planning is done and youth circus festival stages of all time are rising to Sorin Sirkus. We also welcome all you circus fans to have look at the future of circus in Finland. Entrance is free to all the shows.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Can you Festival?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

5th Circus Ruska Festival 23.-24.1.2009

The most longlife contemporary circus festival in Finland, Circus Ruska Festival, is arranged already 5th time 23.-24.1.2009. The festival has grown every year and it is estimated to do so during this year as well, when Tullikamari cultural centre will transform into a circus arena for a weekend.

Year 2009 Circus Ruska Festival will combine the new circus with old tradition, also in the set up: the main venue is round and makes it possible to enjoy performances with full view to the stage from every seat.

The structure of the festival events is the same and there will be more performances than ever. Circus Ruska recommends the festival pass for visitors to pay less and see more. There are 2 evening clubs. On Friday Klubi is an open stage for everyone and on Saturday the famous Carnival Club will get the house on fire by presenting great music and the world famous juggling battle. During the weekend there is the possibility to get a total circus boost with free lectures and exhibitions, also while having a coffee or lunch at Klubi.

The base of the programme is to give a variety of shows for all age groups in wide perspective. The program is a secret until the end of November, but Circus Ruska reveals one long waited performer in advance: He is an award winning Finnish Circo Aereo performer Jani Nuutinen from France. The acknowledged professional Nuutinen brings his triumphant solo act ”Un cirque tout juste” to Tampere for the first time. This sympathetic performance has been a big success in France and made Circus Ruska crew weep for heartfelt and pro-found.

Festival has now a new look. Circus Ruska festival logo is designed by graphic designer Kari Jokinen and logo mirrors old circus tradition spiced up with contemporary mood. With the new look Circus Ruska Festival invites all the new and old circus lovers to be passionate again about high quality circus acts and carnival bustle on 5th Circus Ruska festival.