Saturday, January 22, 2011

Party 24/7 at the Festival

Our french houseband Balenko was so big success yesterday evening, that they will play at Breakfast Club 12 o'clock today. Hurrey!

Undermän is rehearsing at the moment and they will be awesome this evening!!! Get your tickets, while there's still few left!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Circus Ruska Festival is more international than ever.

We have artists from Sweden, Norway, England, Nivala, Denmark, France, USA and of course from Finland.
At the moment technicians are building up the stage and seating.
First artist will be Luke Wilson from England at 6 o'clock. Waiting for to see his show!

And of course we are having a smile-festival again!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Superheroes @ Circus Ruska Festival

Circus band @ the Circus Ruska Festival on Friday

Silence in circustent. Audience floating away.
What does artists do after they have been giving everything to the show ?
Juggler reaches down to drumsticks, clown of the evening chooses bassguitar , footjuggler catches michrophone.
Dancefloor is ready for circusparty!
Circusfeeling under the sparkling light bulps. Dancing allowed, alone or together.

This is what french circusband BALENKO offers you on Friday-evening@Klubi, Doors 21, Tickets 8e

Friday, January 14, 2011

Mega Sideshow Club will have special gueststar from Finland.

Jussi Paradise is a veteran in finnish sideshow-scene. He has done over 200 shows in 15 countries in 3 continents.
He got to know sideshow culture better in 2001, when he joined legendary finnish sideshowgroup Circus Mundus Absurdus. After CMA was buried in 2007, he has been performing mostly with his groups SnakeOil and The Saviours.
Nowdays he can share his interest in sideshow with his wife Lucky Hell.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

SwingShiftSideShow, from Vegas to Tampere

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Premier at Circus Ruska Festival

Circus Ruska's own boy, Matias Salmenaho has premier at Circus Ruska Festival with his swedish friends.
Show is called Undermän and it's about three circusartists who have lost their partners, careers and life goals meet and decide to create something new. From being the anonymous persons supporting, lifting and balancing their partners they now take the opportunity to change things around. This results in a show about catching opportunities, community and creativity. A show filled with fearless acrobatic musicians, a circus performer’s confessions, rubik’s cube, kettlebell choreographies and hidden talents.
”Undermän” is a swedish wordplay meaning both ”wonder men” and ”hand to hand porters”

On Saturday, 20.30 Poetry in Motion: Undermän (SWE), Pakkahuone, 12 € / 8 €
Check this clip from Youtube, where Matias warms up with two 32kg kettlebells.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Festival countdown starts now.

It's only 17 nights till Festival.
We have special guests from all around the world. First I 'd like to present Balenko from France.
One of the Balenko's musicians, Helmut, is familiar from earliers Festivals. He has been performing in Tampere with Circus Ruska's own boy Matias .
This is how they describe themselves:

The four musicians of BALENKO (accordeon, guitar, stand-up bass, drums) bring together there skills to play any kind of jiggling or twirling music in the sole purpose of
seeing their audiences dancing. Based on the « french musette » tradition (waltzes, paso-dobles, tango, cha-cha's, boleros, polkas...) BALENKO's repertoire is also mixed
with the 70's revival of regional dances of around the atlantic country's (celtic, acadian, cajun...) and rock 'n roll!

Come and check them out on Friday, 21st of January at Circus Ruska Festival ! Tickets 8e, showtime 23.00