Thursday, January 15, 2009

Festival is week!!!

Hard to believe it, but here we are again. One week before the Circus Ruska Festival. For the fifth time! Where did the years go...

We had our press this week and it went okay: couple of newspapers and radios showed up! And one journalist remembered Petteri's words from two years ago, something about Tampere becoming the circuscapital of Finland. She was asking when exactlty it's going to take place and Petteri pushed the timelimit 'til 2013, was it? ;)

Anyway. Last year some shows were sold out. So book your tickets now! It is so easy: just send an e-mail to

What is special about this year. Hmm. That there will be more shows than last year, the guys are going to build a (round) manege in Tullikamari, there will be two circusclubs (on Friday an art-party and on Saturday party-party). And of course, we have a lovely and a little bit crazy lady hosting the festival. Also some surprises coming... You'll see, you'll see..

I was trying to put here some still photos (for a change), but the "computer says no". Sorry. I have to negotiate with this pc of mine...


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