Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Circus Ruska Festival 2011 program has been published

Festival takes place at Tampere, Pakkahuone 21.-22.1.2011.

This years ending club will be Saturday's Mega Sideshow club, where we have guests all the way from Las Vegas and Oslo, Norway.


Las Vegas' Most Astounding Troupe
of Extreme Circus Freaks:

From the streets of Sin City come a team of performers guaranteed to shock and amaze. Andrew S., Kelvikta the Blade and Jenn O. Cide bring classic carnival entertainment screaming into the 21st Century. Witness ancient and deadly feats of skill along with jaw dropping "never before seen" original stunts.

World Class sword swallowing, fire performance, belly dancing and Mind Over Body demonstrations are just the beginning. What other sideshow performers would consider a grand finale is only a warm up for these innovative and fearless performance artists.


Pain Solution was founded in 1993 in the Old parts of Oslo
called Gamlebyen, by the initiative of HÅVVE FJELL.
He has ever since been the leader of this group.

PS have now been active for many years and has therefore
achieved an international reputation and position as one
of the best in this genre. Sideshow, freakshow, circus,
performance, theatre and live art are conceptions that is
an accurate description of the variety and specter that PS
has been involved in.

At the moment sideshow is the main topic.

In 1996 PS started working with Aurin Theatre and in -99 PS
got their first contribution from Norsk Kulturråd and
produced the performance/show “The Key to Hell”. In 2001 PS
again got contribution from Norsk Kulturråd for the
production of a newcircus performance “Ringen”.
The cooperation with Haugesund Theatre and Circus Xanti
resulted in Norway’s first touring newcircus production.
A milestone he was rightfully proud of. Unfortunately the
production went under budged and PS as a group dispersed.
Stubborn as he is Håvve Fjell refused to give up
today he still pay part payment on the dept he got during
this period) and has kept alive his life work to this day
despite all hardship.

Reeducation was never an alternative and other occupations
became a distraction which inhibited the development of
Pain Solution.

I 2002 body suspension became available to the common
people though the founding of WINGS of DESIRE. WoD is run
in cooperation with PINPOINT PIERCING and yearly presents
OSLO SUSCON which summons enthusiast from all over the
world. WoD offers lectures and suspension workshops in
addition to suspension days where the needy get to hang
from hooks.

In 2003 the book “Ten years of pain” was published to mark
the first ten years of PS. Helene Fjell has been
ocumenting PS activities almost since the start and has
more than 90 photos to show for.

In it 13’Th year PS started The Fakir Academy.
For nearly 5 years PS had been a solo project but in
January 2007 PS The Fakir Academy was founded. The school
project came in to being as a result of coincidences.
In a time marked by little artistic progress but with some
commercial success, the thought of taking in some new
actors matured. One of the students already had his own
show SCENESKREKK together with a partner. He had regularly
been under the watchful eye of Håvve Fjell and a permanent
part of the WoD team.

Another one sought out suspensions and found it to be an
attractive activity. She became absorbed in finding out
more after her first flight and worked her way up the
ladder to gain her place as one of WoD permanent members.
She was ready for new challenges and was by then already
under the guidance of Fjell.

The third person came through the Child Protection Services
and was the actual triggering factor. When Fjell was asked
to advise in granting this boy his only wish to become a
fakir the seed to found a school was laid. After half year
probation he was accepted and the idea to this production
took shape. And they could start training for real.
The other two was invited to participate in the production
and enthusiastically they accepted.

Now with 3 students Fjell could appoint himself as
The Headmaster and point out a new direction for PS.
Through a 3 years education the schools student is to
acquire all of the rules of the fakir art and be given the
competence they need for further employment in PS.

The contract is signed in blood.
The school is partly financed by the Child Protection
Service, but mostly by own income through shows and


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