Monday, January 23, 2012

A long way from home

It's finally happening for real! We met with Rafael and Blancaluz in Stockholm last winter. We told about our festival and they were really interested to come to Tampere with their upcoming show. Since their set is so big and heavy we decided it would be best if they drive to Tampere with their car and trailer.
After long planning Compagnie Morosof started their long journey from Barcelona to Tampere on friday. They picked up their set and technicians from France and now they are somewhere in the northern Germany. Tonight they'll drive to a ferry in Travemünde. By then they have driven apx. 2000 km. From Travemünde they will enjoy a relaxing voyage on Finnlines Europalink. After 27 hours and 1132 km they will arrive to Helsinki harbor where they'll meet us and change to car with good winter tires and continue the last 180 km. They will finally arrive to Tampere on wednesday around 11.00.

Just have to admire their willpower! Circus people are so cool!

Here's some photos from the road.

Packing the car in Barcelona.

Weather in Spain.

Taking the trailer with set on board from southern France.

Weather on french highway. Starting to get darker..

Rainy day on the road.. Somewhere in northern France.

Grey weather at the german border.


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