Thursday, August 14, 2008

Getting busy indeed

Maybe it's time for me as well to start writing in this new blog..
It's been quite busy week so far. On monday, just after we took the tent down in Tampere after the theatersummer, we came to Espoo(my ex-hometown) and started to set things up.
On monday built up the tent and the seats and on tuesday after returning the rental cars to tampere we carried on with the lights, sound and set.
So far we've had four shows and still eight more to go before packing things on sunday evening.
Today is the busiest day, three shows. One down and still two to go.. In the morning show we had almost full house.. That's cool.. And in the next one there should be nice crowd as well.. I just hope that people will come on evening and on weekend as well..
Tapiola has been quite nice place for the tent. Hopefully we can come back with a new show next summer..
Yesterday was a bit rainy and today it's been very windy. Good test for the old tent..
Tomorrow I'll get some glue and fix the few bigger holes..

I think I should start to warm up for the next show.. We'll try to post some pictures from here..


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