Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Your man in Lyon

Every now and then you have to do some real work to afford circus work... Here I am in Lyon with Tero Saarinen Company recovering from premiere party. I'm sure some day we will be here and around the Europe in prestigious venues also with Circus Ruska.
Of course I'm constantly working for Circus Ruska as well. Just sent some plans for 'Nuori Kulttuuri' youth circus festival. The festival is pretty much ready and just waiting for the guests on 16th-18th of October. After surviving the youngsters it will be full steam towards 5th Circus Ruska Festival in January. For that I already did some thinking (not actually anything) for some grant applications.
I hope this is OK for my blog duty. Not much to report this week. Maybe someone from the Tampere office could continue as I know things are bubbling there and few surprises for January are already set.


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