Saturday, September 6, 2008

The next generation of circus lovers

The Buldig Brothers did 'The Show' In two acts for 14-16 old teenagers yesterday. It was outside gig and it was raining all day. The stage was covered, no problem with that, but to gather audience from under trees to in front of the stage was a bit of a challenge. As you may know teenagers are tough crowd... But we nailed it! (It was actually much more tough for Jukka Grönfors with his handstand act who can not reply to the comments.)
For us it is actually fun to perform for teenagers and let them participate to the performance. In my point of view above all performing arts circus is all about interaction.
This BB gig was definitely different from most of our gigs. We had to pay so much attention to the audience that Pasi lost his count in passing. Yours truly was easily able to do two things at the same time but hey, that's me.
Signed some autographs to the arms of most true fans (all girls - we still got it) and walked out in the rain with little bit more pride in us.


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