Thursday, January 22, 2009

Festival stage is ready...

Today was a set-building-day in Tullikamari. It's starting to look like real circus in there. Round manege and rising seats are ready for the first rehersals in the morning. The first show starts at 18.00.

While the others were busy building I was setting up a festival-office in the backstage. And had to learn how to use Mac-computer..hahaa. It was, well, hmm, time consuming thing.

This evening Koulutuskeskus Salpaus performed their show for the circus-kids in Sorin Sirkus and I went to see it also. The show was good! My favorites were the hola-hoop-girl and another girl who did a tightwire number with tango music. Wow!

Tomorrow our day starts at 8 with a meeting and then we run the day. Klubi will have a new look with some circuslights and so on. So I guess I should get some shut-eye soon...


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