Sunday, December 20, 2009

Introducing Brightboy, in program 16.1.2010 at Mega Circus Carnival Club

Since the very beginning, from the early demo-tapes to this date, Brightboy has been the evil twin, that never asks before committing, and do things fast...Really fast!
The band was formed in 2004, found a shape in early 2005 and since then has been moving forward like a freight train.
Brightboy got signed to Helsinki Music Company at the end of 2005 and released their first single "1989" early 2006.
First album "Love For The Streets" was released in June 2006, followed by a choir of critical praises, heavy radio- and TV-rotation for the 'hit' single "Vanity Fair" and loads of publicity.
All's good, right? Hell no! Brightboy has always been a band, that's essence is grounded on evolution. The band noticed a lot of meaningful details and entities on the simple, clean and pumping disco-"rock" sound of the first album that they wanted to do a bit differently. Once again with just a short phase of time passed, Brightboy started committing before asking anyone's permission. Their will came alive in October 2007 as Brightboy released their second, "in the shadow of trance formers". This time they added more shades and more colour to create vast contrasts and a larger scale of emotions to their music. ITSOTF contains a consept-story of a bright boy, a decadent figure of our time, trying to reach success and then trying to cope with it. The sound evolved to something more organic and more rough, revealing the balls in Brightboy. But one thing remained, and that is great Brightboy songs, and once again, the critics dropped to their knees before the album, radio and TV rotate hard, again lots of publicity, great shows all around Finland and more and more people following band's every move.
All's good, right? Still not, we have to keep moving on. And what may come next, we never know. Just before the release of ITSOTF, Brightboy's long-term bass player Henri Lidsle left the band and was replaced by the same guy who signed the band to HMC, Jesse Valo. Today Brightboy is without a question one of the hottest live acts in Finland and with a new, ever so strong line-up, the past has been just a beginning, a scratch on the surface of something that's bound to rise up 'til the skyline!

And they have some special suprises in line-up for the Circus Ruska Festival audience!
Come and see it experience it yourself!

Photo: Mia Bergius

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