Thursday, August 13, 2009

Circus meets Burlesque

Circus meets Burlesque-club is coming to town again!
It takes place Sat 12.9.2009 at Klubi Tampere. Partyhours: 21-04

Join the caravan, as Circus Ruska treats you to a unique evening of circus and burlesque! The program includes both Finnish and international burlesque and circus artistes.

Come and see Hula Pirates Cabaret starring Kiki Hawaiji, Frank Doggenstein and Bettie Blackheart; the seductive LouLou D'vil; Charming Mimi de Froufrou and the breathtaking talents of the circus: The Incredible Magician, The Unbelievable Balancing Acrobatgirls , The Amazing SnakeWoman. The party is spiced up with The Dazzling CanCan Girls & Burlesque Poledancing by Seventh Heaven! The charming host of the entire evening is Mr. Lafayette Lestrange. The record hop artistry will be provided by the incomparable HulaPirate DJ's, Miroslav Satan and Fiona Timantti.

Dresscode: Nothing is too much

Remember also burlesquepoledance-workshop by Seventh Heaven. For more information


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