Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Festival countdown starts now.

It's only 17 nights till Festival.
We have special guests from all around the world. First I 'd like to present Balenko from France.
One of the Balenko's musicians, Helmut, is familiar from earliers Festivals. He has been performing in Tampere with Circus Ruska's own boy Matias .
This is how they describe themselves:

The four musicians of BALENKO (accordeon, guitar, stand-up bass, drums) bring together there skills to play any kind of jiggling or twirling music in the sole purpose of
seeing their audiences dancing. Based on the « french musette » tradition (waltzes, paso-dobles, tango, cha-cha's, boleros, polkas...) BALENKO's repertoire is also mixed
with the 70's revival of regional dances of around the atlantic country's (celtic, acadian, cajun...) and rock 'n roll!

Come and check them out on Friday, 21st of January at Circus Ruska Festival ! Tickets 8e, showtime 23.00


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