Thursday, August 20, 2009

One more Circusperformer confirmed to Circus meets Burlesque-club!

Kalki hula girl, who was born in San Francisco, calls herself Melbournian Australian & now lives in London but there's still a bit of New York stuck in her teeth, is going to perform her outstanding holahoop-number!!!

This is what they say about this talented girl!:

"Ace hula-hooper" (The Evening Standard) KALKI HULA GIRL knows how to captivate a room. Time Out London calls her "an exquisitely talented Hula-Hooper...seemingly defying the laws of nature."

A seasoned performer, she captures and delights all manner of audiences, from New York queens to English princes.

Her acts are Performance Art - meets - Variety - meets - Comedy utilising punkrock-attitude informed circus skills. "Kalki Hula Girl has worked comedy into her impressive hula-hoop routine with great skill" (What's On Stage).

Kalki has performed extensively with the acclaimed Variety show Medium Rare (London and Sweden), La Clique in the Famous Spiegel Tent (Edinburgh, Dublin, Melbourne, London), the lavish Palazzo Amsterdam (Spiegeltent Victoria), Smirnoff's Electric Cabaret; a favorite at the cutting-edge Duckie (London) and at numerous venues worldwide.

"A sprite, an explosion, a whirling that seizes you by the throat and keeps you enthralled for every trembling minute she is onstage. Kalki Hula Girl is a performer extraordinaire, with her dazzling jewelled hoops and her naughty face; the very picture of old-time cabaret glamour. Sumptuously sexy, provocatively pouty, and a clever devil with her equipment. The hoops blur, the audience gasps – she is on her feet, she is on the floor, and so will you be. The princess of her art, Kalki delivers an unforgettable gem of an act that will leave the room in a whirl!"

(Kate Holden, The Age, Australia).

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Circus meets Burlesque

Circus meets Burlesque-club is coming to town again!
It takes place Sat 12.9.2009 at Klubi Tampere. Partyhours: 21-04

Join the caravan, as Circus Ruska treats you to a unique evening of circus and burlesque! The program includes both Finnish and international burlesque and circus artistes.

Come and see Hula Pirates Cabaret starring Kiki Hawaiji, Frank Doggenstein and Bettie Blackheart; the seductive LouLou D'vil; Charming Mimi de Froufrou and the breathtaking talents of the circus: The Incredible Magician, The Unbelievable Balancing Acrobatgirls , The Amazing SnakeWoman. The party is spiced up with The Dazzling CanCan Girls & Burlesque Poledancing by Seventh Heaven! The charming host of the entire evening is Mr. Lafayette Lestrange. The record hop artistry will be provided by the incomparable HulaPirate DJ's, Miroslav Satan and Fiona Timantti.

Dresscode: Nothing is too much

Remember also burlesquepoledance-workshop by Seventh Heaven. For more information