Monday, August 25, 2008

Can you Ikea?

It was a sunny Sunday-morning, when Circus Ruska girl-crew picked up a van from Jouni. Our plan was to go to Ikea for some furniture shopping and later in the evening to go to see Cirque Plume's show called Plic Ploc. And so we did.

When we reached Helsinki City region, weather started to be ugly and rainy, but we girls didn't care about that.

I found just right place for me in this huge"spend-all-your-money-to-your-home"-place.

After shopping we were starving. So we headed to Helsinki to meet our dear friend Kati from Improvisation theatre Snorkkeli, who took us to Bamboo Center. Curry tofu, i just love it....

And finally we found our way to Hietaniemi to see the circus. Girls like to pose, as you can see from the pic..

Jani and Kimmo also joined us. If you don't see Kimmo for a while in Skandinavia, it's because he will be working in Spain. And of course he spends all his free-time under the palm trees by editing some videoclips for Circus Ruska.And the show was great. We loved it. Go and see it!!!!!!!!


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