Wednesday, August 27, 2008


After Jakob's Circus in Espoo I got to be at home only for a short while. Last went by quite quickly with plenty of work. On monday we built up the tent to Eräjärvi(small village close to Tampere). They have some workshops there and Finnish Diabolo Convention this week.
So while the tent is there we took off and drove to Copenhagen. While Heidi is rehearsing for an audition, I have time to meet some friends and see shows. There's the KIT contemporary circus festival in town still this week.
The main purpose for the trip was to come and see the new show of my good friend Jani Nuutinen. Ok, it's not that new any more, the premiere was in march 2007 and yesterday was 100th show.. Respect! To celebrate we sat down to the nice saddlechairs of the Rio Bravo restaurant and had some traditional apple juice. It was so nice to catch up with Jani. I think last time we saw each other was about a year ago or so..
Also tt was cool to see Jani on stage again. This time the tent and the stage was a bit smaller than in the earlier show from him but the same spirit was still there.. I liked it a lot! Maybe I have to go and see it again later this week. Another show running this week is Acrobat from Australia. Master Nuutinen told me I should see that so now I try to get tickets for thursday.
On saturday I should go and check out the new show of Wallmans because my dear friend Jocke is doing his brand new act in the show.
Intresting week..


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