Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Legendary Juggling Battle

Circus Ruska Festival has been hosting legendary Juggling Battle since 2005. Idea is that jugglers compete against each others same way as in breakdance.
First round is with one club and everybody has one minute time to show everything they can do, without dropping.
Second round is with two clubs etc..
Audience decides who is the best in every round and normally in the final, there has been 2-4 competitors and jugglers has showed some crazy tricks.
Can't wait to see who will be winner this time. It won't be easy to win. There will be lot's of supergood jugglers in the house that night!

Champion of 2005
Sakari Männistö

Champion of 2006
Matias Salmenaho

Champion of 2007
Jay Gilligan

Champion of 2008
Wes Peden

Champion of 2009
Kalle Lehto

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