Thursday, January 6, 2011

Premier at Circus Ruska Festival

Circus Ruska's own boy, Matias Salmenaho has premier at Circus Ruska Festival with his swedish friends.
Show is called Undermän and it's about three circusartists who have lost their partners, careers and life goals meet and decide to create something new. From being the anonymous persons supporting, lifting and balancing their partners they now take the opportunity to change things around. This results in a show about catching opportunities, community and creativity. A show filled with fearless acrobatic musicians, a circus performer’s confessions, rubik’s cube, kettlebell choreographies and hidden talents.
”Undermän” is a swedish wordplay meaning both ”wonder men” and ”hand to hand porters”

On Saturday, 20.30 Poetry in Motion: Undermän (SWE), Pakkahuone, 12 € / 8 €
Check this clip from Youtube, where Matias warms up with two 32kg kettlebells.


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