Monday, January 4, 2010

Introducing Wes&Patrik

"okay, so if i throw this club as a helicopter to your chest at exactly the right time while you are spinning towards me it should bounce off you so i can catch it and whip it behind my back to you while i am falling"

This is something that you might overhear if you walked in on Patrik and Wes while they are training. Having both been training juggling technique for over 12 years and holding world records solo and together you can tell they take their juggling seriously.

Both Patrik and Wes train and study at Dans och Cirkushogskolan. The contemporary circus school in Stockholm Sweden. Both sharing an intense desire to make something good and interesting with juggling they have been working hard since they met about a year ago to do that.

Loved by audiences around the world their show mixes new age juggling, extreme techniques, dance, puzzles, backwards ideas, backflips, smashed assumptions and higher 5's!

On Saturday 16.1.2010 @ 21.00 Circus Ruska Festival
Wes Peden & Patrik Elmnert: Gears


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